2006 New Construction Modular Home

Posted by on Mar 30, 2013

2006 New Construction Modular Home

This new home was built in Manchester in 2006. It’s a modular home that measures 53 feet long with an additional 24 foot garage built and added on site.

In its place there was a much older and quite rundown home. It had not been maintained well. Thankfully we work with Advanced Deconstruction for the demolition side of things. We’ve worked with them for some time and know that they are very experienced, and as such very safe, clean and effective. They are easy to work around because they meet their due dates. Having worked together before we are able to discuss the job ahead of time so that they will not overdo it with some wiring or plumbing that could set us back. It’s good that we are able to coordinate like that. There are a lot of cowboys in the business but they have always been very reputable. Once they were done with their part of the job, it was time for us to begin.

The home was built for three elderly clients and we added a 12×14 deck off the back by the dining area.  Central air and heating was installed (high efficiency gas system).  This is just one of the 14 new homes we’ve built over the past 30 years.


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